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36078 Torque wrench set VDE 10pc, Wiha

Art.-Nr.: Torque wrench set VDE 10pc, Wiha

VDE torque screwdriver set TorqueVario®-S -Chrome vanadium steel -burnished -hex shaft, 6 mm -slimTECHNOLOGY: slender blades due to integrated insulation protection -torque can be pre-set -reads on window scale -multi-component handle -controlled clockwise tightening -audible and visible signal when torque preset reached -release accurate to ± 6 % -accuracy standards meet EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789, ASME B107.14M -insulated up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC, meets IEC 60900:2004 standard supplied in folding pouch, with factory calibration certificate.

Screwdrivers and Wrenches