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1250 0800 Screwdriver Set H.D. 7 pcs. VDE InnoTools -Made in Germany-

Item No.:  1250 0800 Screwdriver Set H.D. 7 pcs. VDE InnoTools -Made in Germany-

7 Piece VDE Heavy Duty Srewdriver Set
Assortment of 6 most popular VDE Screwdrivers, plus
1 VDE Mainstester
Slotted Tips: 3.5 x 100 mm
4 x 100 mm
5.5 x 125 mm
6.5 x 150 mm
Pozi Tips: 1 x 100 mm
2 x 125 mm Mainstester: 3 x 65 mm
Large dual-compound, fully insulted handles to meet VDE and all other relevant standards.
Non slip, soft grip, ergonomically designed handels for comfort and best torque application.
Chrome-Vanadium Steel blades, magnetic and corrosion free, tough and wear resistant.
High precision machined black tis for exact srew fit without peel meet all criteria for EN 60900 and VDE 0682/201,
Individually tested to 10.0000 Volt AC use around live line
Equipment up to 1000 Volt AC. VDE Certification, tested and monitored.
Hanging hole for ease of display and storage.

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